Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Blog to Check Out

Check out the new blog Catastrophic Victory (named not only after Bush's phrase "catastrophic success" in the war in Iraq, but also after Bush's victory over Al Gore, and, for that matter, about the North's victory in the Civil War, which has given us our present political alignment).

There's a cool post on the state of the Axis of Evil, almost 3 years after Bush's speech. Here's an excerpt:

All in all, it's good to see that the axis of evil is alive and well, perhaps
even prospering. Sure, Hussein's gone now, but Bush actually called Iraq the
axis of evil, and by all signs, Iraq seems to be more evil than ever. Our troops
die there at rate of a couple per day, terrorists have begun using it as a new
Afghanistan, as if our failures there didn't make the new Afghanistan almost as
hospitable as the old one. I'm sure that the neo-cons who have run our foreign
policy by political theory rather than political reality are thrilled with the
rhetoric, unfortunately, the rest of this country will be struggling with the
reality long after the neo-cons are a bad memory.

Check out the site, it's worth a read.


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