Wednesday, September 15, 2004

MSNBC - Stewart to start jail term as soon as possible

MSNBC - Stewart to start jail term as soon as possible

I'm all about admitting errors when I'm wrong, and I was wrong on this one. I really thought she'd never see a day in the clink, but, as Reagan said about arms for hostages, the facts have proved me wrong (of course, Reagan wasn't making a prediction at the time). She is continuing with her appeal, and I actually think that she has good issues for her appeal.

I've often thought, if I could be safe and financially secure, that a few months in prison wouldn't be that bad - catch up on the reading, have some alone time, you know, some people, good and bad, have found it a cathartic experience. People like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Adolph Hitler and others had time in jail to develop their thoughts and think in prison in a way that they never would have if they were dealing with life's daily give and take. Of course, our world has been made better and worse by that time away, I'd like to think I'd make it better.

Maybe that's what Martha's thinking, it's time to have some alone time. Let's face it, in a woman's minimum security prison, she's not going to face much, if any, danger. She'll probably be able to pay off people to keep her safe as well. Maybe she'll end up all the better by this time away.

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