Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Los Angeles Times: L.A. Police Captain Gets Probation

This from Saturday's LA Times, how this stuff goes by without a peep from the public is beyond me: Los Angeles Times: L.A. Police Captain Gets Probation

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it to my grave. If you want to commit a crime and get away with it, put on a police uniform, because it gives you virtual immunity. I've handled a couple of these counterfeit cases before, and I remember how they worked. The industry would investigate the case, they'd tell the DA what to do, they'd tell the court what to do, and everyone would do exactly what they asked for. Most of the small-time people (like people who run clothes stalls at swap meets and things of the like) would not face much jail, but they certainly never got misdemeanors out of the cases.

Regardless, one of the essential calculations has been missed. Is the fact that a person is law enforcement a basis for a lower sentence or a greater one? I think that if they used their law enforcement position to further the crime, it should be a reason for more, not less, punishment. However, it appears as if it is routinely a basis to give people a pass. It just goes to show that there are two classes of citizen, most of us grunts, and those in blue who can do whatever they want. This is how a society slouches towards autocracy.

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beatup1000 said...

What a revelation! I am being victimized by the police. They are congenital liars!

Thank you for your efforts.