Thursday, February 02, 2006

The White House has Lost Emails?????

I know regular readers of this blog will be surprised to know that I'm SHOCKED over the fact that the White House has apparently lost a whole batch of emails, directly related to L'affair Plame. Evidently, Libby's lawyers asked for a bunch of discovery, and then complained that Fitzgerald wasn't turning things over to them. Then Fitz replied - "the White House has [inexplicably] lost them." Alright, the whole quote is mine, and he may actually believe that.

But does anyone else really believe that these were just lost inadvertantly? The law states that any communications of this nature are not the property of the president in power, but of the national archives, who concede that this may have been lost due to inadvertance, but it doesn't seem so.

Is there a person alive who, honestly speaking, really thinks that these were lost just through "inadvertance," or that the Bush administration has the slightest degree of respect for a law which declares that their correspondence is not their own?

It's a good thing he hasn't received a blow job in the Oval Office yet, otherwise the Republicans in Congress may have to impeach him. Until then, he's safe.

Query, though, why this only made it onto the back pages of the LA Times?