Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jackson NG

I've been away from the computer for a day, but I had to get to one to post to say "I told you so...." I can't get over what one of the jurors said, something to the effect of "we figured he's probably molested other kids before, but we didn't have enough evidence to convict him of this offense." Oh lord how I'd love to have a jury some day who said something like that about one of my clients, but that kind of stuff doesn't happen to public defender clients.

However, laws are chaged because of cases like this, they just don't affect those for whom the law was changed, only the poor, unpopular shmoes who live in quiet anonymity and are convicted daily on less evidence. Remember, the reason the law exists allowing prosecutors to bring in prior (even uncharged) acts of sexual misconduct against a defendant was a response to the last Michael Jackson flare up 10 years ago when he paid the kid off to the tune of $20 million. What new laws will come out of this trial, I wonder.


Christopher King said...

oh, i wonder, too. it's kind of like attempted 'spot zoning' after the building goes up. they've missed their target now the rest of the community is going to be governed by the animosity, rightly or wrongly, that really was aimed for the 10-story hi-rise in the middle of nantucket.


Anonymous said...

What if some jurors were scared or retaliation from some Jackson groupies who definitely look like they come from the Planet Xerox?