Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good Luck Katrina Victims

My heart goes out to all those living in the anarchy of the mess left behind by Hurricane Katrina. It is a real message, much like the Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia last December, that mother nature always laughs last, and loudest. Just when we think we can tame the environment, it always seems to come biting back at us far harder than we can imagine.

I highly encourage anyone to give money to the Red Cross for disaster relief. You can donate through their website. Please donate something, even if it's just a small amount. Everything adds up, and these people need it in a bad way.

To all my readers in the hurricane zone (as well as anyone else there, of course, but they won't be reading this), my thoughts and prayers are with you. has a great concept they've put together, called Hurricane Housing, where people offer up housing, or people in need put in requests. Seems like a sensible notion, I hope it's working. If you live in the area, think about trying it out (I certainly would if I lived anywhere near there).

Good luck!!!