Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The latest from the right wing media machine has a classic one.  Drudge Report has a report about Kerry keeping an 8mm video camera with him while he was in combat, sometimes going back to places where they had fought earlier and reenacting the confrontation for the camera.

I dunno, maybe there's a little "I want to be president someday so I'm going to get this on film now to help my future career" going on here, but here's my thought:  I'd prefer a president who reenacts war scenes they took part in on camera for political gain, rather than a president who creates bogus scenes (eg - landing a jet on an aircraft carrier) harking back to an era when he dodged military service in a war he and his ilk happily supported.

I just love chickenhawks going after Kerry on the theory that he really didn't serve honorably. 
At least they can find people who actually served with Kerry.  I remember probably every famous person I ever went to school with or handled any case with.  If they hit it big, I'm remembering every interaction I ever had with them.  Don't you think that anyone who actually served with the president 30 years ago would not only be able to remember it, but actually talk about it with everyone they know?

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