Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hey everyone, I've found a few new law sites that are pretty cool. Go check them out and let me know what you think.

True Believer is a DUI blog out of Santa Barbara (my alma mater, I'm proud to say). It has some good information you should know about before having "one for the road," or at least how to deal with it if you're pulled over after doing so (I'd just advise you take a cab, but if everyone did that, I may not have my house).

Crime and Federalism is a great blog that is not restricted to those issues alone. Lots of interesting things ranging from federal indictments, a cool little quiz (I may have got a couple of the questions right, but mostly by luck - damn, I thought I would do well on Jeopardy! Check this site out.

Real Lawyers have Blogs has some good information about setting up blogs as a part of your practice (this is something I certainly don't have to worry about in my job - cases come rolling in whether I like them or not). This is more for you civil folk out there, but check it out as well.

Finally, I'm A PD has a good site. A newbie PD starting out in Los Angeles, writes about her fights and frustrations. Don't worry PD, you're doing just fine. It takes a while to get really comfortable in this field, I know you'll be fine.

Sorry I haven't posted more. I have a couple of thoughts percolating, though.

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