Saturday, March 24, 2007

6 Month Hiatus - Over?

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I've last blogged. Things had slowed down for me dramatically, mostly because I've been so busy (it's good to know for all of you taxpayers out there that Public Defender Dude has been earning his keep while eating at the public trough).

It's not that I've lost inspiration, things I see still bother me quite a bit. I've done several trials of late where absolutely absurd gang allegations were being charged against my clients, completely depriving them of a right to a fair trial. One was in an attempted murder trial that the police claimed to have witness my client do, which I hung. The other one was a robbery case that was a complete ID case, in which I'm quite sure the jury heard enough of what they needed from the gang officer to convince them that any two people sitting in the defendant's chairs with those tattoos would've been enough to convict (not to say that the person may not have deserved to be convicted, but I'm quite sure that the burden of proof dropped dramatically from beyond a reasonable doubt to something less after the cop's gang testimony).

One reason I haven't commented on those trials (don't worry, I've done others as well), is that, as a pretty anonymous blogger, too much comment on those trials during the trial would completely blow my anonymity. The other reason is that I'm just too beat, and there is just too much to say. Synthesizing it down to a single post is just too difficult.

I also get the feeling I've said so much about so many of the other things on my mind, it would just get too redundant.

So, I've said nothing.

That being said, I have quite a few thoughts on things such as Phil Spector, the firings of the US Attorneys, Scooter Libby, the death penalty, and other things.

So, I'll be back sooner rather than later, probably with a little blurb on Spector or the US Attorneys, or the future indictment of our present attorney general. There is just so much to talk about, I've been paralyzed by too many choices. Forgive me, to those who have written me emails wondering where I've been (and there have actually been quite a few). But, you've got me back.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! 'bout time!


Anonymous said...

good to see you're alive and doing well

Anonymous said...

welcome back, i have a very dull job over here in the uk and i welcome blogs like yours to relieve some of the monotony.
all the best john gibson

Scoplaw said...

Welcome back!

Eugenics PI said...

I thought the prison guard union got you. Good to see they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Good to see 3 new posts. Us PA PD's like to hear how it is in CA.

Anonymous said...

New to your site. Enjoyed reading it. Just stumbled on to it while looking to get some stats on how many prison inmates get PD as to hired attorneys. Any suggestions where to find that info?