Monday, October 24, 2005

What if.....A Democratic Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor

I remember thinking how absurd it was that a Clinton hater was made special prosecutor for Whitewater (in which, of course, he found no wrongdoing). But, turnaround should be fair play. Even though the Republicans are calling Paul Fitzgerald "overzealous," the simple fact is that he is about as apolitical as they come, pretty much what you would want in a special prosecutor who is pursuing politically charged allegations. So, why have him if they didn't get someone like him for Clinton.

For special prosecutor, if he declines to indict (or even if he does, but doesn't go high enough), I suggest he be replaced with .... John Kerry. He was once a prosecutor, he can investigate this as well as anyone. Why not choose him, he'll certainly be as balanced and fair as Ken Starr was, so isn't turnabout fair play, or not? Is there a different standard for judging Republican wrongdoing than Democratic? Remember, Fiske was replaced as incdpendant counsel by Ken Starr, not because he had done anything wrong, but for appearances purposes after a new OIC (office of independant counsel) statute was introduced (of couse, the real reason Fiske, a Republican, was replaced was because he wouldn't endorse any of those loopy Republican theories that Vince Foster was murdered by Hillary). I say we get a new one after Fitzgerald is done with this Grand Jury. And I say we get John Kerry as our new independant prosecutor.

It's only fair, and lord knows, Republicans are all about fairness.

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