Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted!!! Rove Spared (for now)!!!

All I have to say is, about time. Congress could clearly not be relied upon to investigate serious charges like the outing of Plame, and a politically connected prosecutor would not be trusted to bring charges like this nor to actually investigate with the tenacity that Fitzgerald appears to have investigated the case with.

I still doubt seriously that Libby will ever spend a day in jail. Even if he is convicted by a jury of his "peers," he will then appeal his case to a appellate court that is packed with right wingers who in many cases have an agenda to help out their political party. They will know who buttered their bread. Even assuming that it gets far enough to that point, I can assure you of one last fact - In the days between the 2008 presidential election and the January 2009 inaguration of a new president, Bush will, like his father, pardon anyone involved in this case.

As long as Libby can put off his day of reckoning for 3 more years, he is home free. My guess (I've been wrong before: see my Supreme Court speculation and Martha Stewart speculation), Liddy never has to meet up with his new cellmate Bruno and explain where his nickname Scooter comes from. But, as I've said, Republicans don't go to jail, they only put people there.

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Anonymous said...

Are all, or almost all, public defenders as liberal as you? I'm not trying to stereotype all PDs as having the same politics, but I was just curious as to your viewpoint of the politics of PDs.