Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Long Time, No Post

Alright, I'll improve here a little bit. It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted.

I hate to keep talking about Michael Jackson, but I have to say that I've met the victim's mother thousands of times in the past. Alright, not the real mother, but the proverbial mother. She is the splitting image of so many clients and clients' mothers that I've met over the years that it's eery. It's clear that she is a manipulative person who both loves her son, and uses him for her own benefit. She is not above lying for money or to further her position in life, and while she does so in part to help her children, the messages that she's willing to impart to her children in so doing are just so terrible, it is hard to reconcile with love.

I don't know if MJ did molest her son, but regardless of that, it's clear that it wasn't only for his benefit - financial and medical - that she hung around with MJ, and more importantly, allowed her son to hang around with MJ. It was also for her benefit. To hang around with stars, to make money, to be someone in life. This is the reason for the constant name dropping, the lawsuits, and things of the like. She had to have known MJ's reputation, and yet she would allow her son to spend the night alone with him?

If MJ is a molester, he deserves to go to prison. If not, it is a terrible thing to see this wacko person picked on so much by gold diggers. But, let's reserve a special little place in hell for those parents who have consistently let their kids hang out with MJ for whatever demented reason that they did.

As a father of 2 little boys, I can't fathom anything that would push me into sending my children into that kind of a situation, even if I wasn't convinced that the allegations were true. The sniff would be all that I needed to keep my kids far away.


kljokjjlkjlk said...

I hear you. Jeez, I hate to admit it, but he's just too wierd for me and I've hoped that he was going to take a fall. But the evidence against him gets less and less convincing.

I understand how you feel about the mother. I'm an independent film producer and I do short films. I'm a total nobody. One time I put out a casting call for a young kid. The stage moms blanketed me with pleas about how great their children were and how much they love acting. They all sounded desperate.

No one would listen when I explained that acting for the camera is a horrible thing for a child to endure. It's boring, exacting and repetitious. There is a lot of sitting around with nothing to do. It's not fun for them.

These are kids that are maybe six or eight years old. The parents are so creepy that I've never put children in my films since then.

I imagine that if I multiply their worst traits by ten that this is what you're dealing with.

I feel for you.

kljokjjlkjlk said...
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