Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bush & Bob Jones

I wrote my last post about Bush going to Bob Jones University on his way to the Pope's funeral as a means of giving equal time, and some apparently didn't understand my evidently too subtle reference to the 2000 presidential race. Prior to the South Carolina primary, when McCain had the momentum, Bush adopted his own "Southern Strategy" (not to be confused with Nixon's southern strategy, which was blatantly racist) and his campaign started a whispering campaign about McCain coming back from Vietnam crazy and having an child with a black woman out of wedlock. Then, he spoke at Bob Jones University and extolled it's virtues, evidently unaware (or blissfully aware?) of the fact that BJU is a virulently anti-Catholic place that also banned interracial dating.

Here are a couple of cites that give reference to this, but they were just a cursory review after typing "Bob Jones" and "Catholic" on Google, so it's hardly scientific or seriously researched. Here is the wikipedia cite on it.

Here's a baptist defense of BJU for equal time.



Anonymous said...

Maybe my comment was too subtle for you...much as we might disagree with Bush endorsing a particular religion, the Pope was the leader of a country, and so might legitimately be accorded status meriting a funereal visit from's so hard to say... leader.

PD Dude said...

I understood your comment. It was the other comment that I was responding to.

I will note that it is very rare for the president to attend funerals. That used to be the job of the vice president. Then again, the vice president used to not be in charge of the president, either, so what can we say?

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