Tuesday, March 15, 2005

PD in LA Slashed by Client

Click here for the story. I try to explain to you all that our clients often hate us more than they hate the judge or the DA, even though the DA's trying to give them all these years, and the judge is just a DA in robes, but no one ever believes me. You all have to understand this, the lawyer who was attacked here is one of the most hard working and sympathetic PDs around, visiting her clients incessantly, working closely with them, caring deeply for them. When she's a target, anyone's a target.

The fact of the matter is that we are the closest, and thus, the easiest person to go after. We bring them bad news, we tell them things they don't want to hear, we shut down their idiotic theories of why they should go free immediately even though they killed 2 people, and thus, they hate us.

A couple of years ago I fought my ass off for a client who was convicted and then sentenced to 3 consecutive 25 to life sentences plus 10 years. I tried like crazy to do anything I could for him, and actually won a bunch of counts that reduced his maximum from 10 consecutive 25 to life sentences to 3 (big wow, like he'll ever get out, but still, it should count for something). All along, the DA wouldn't give him a deal, and the judge wouldn't do anything to lessen the sentence. When we were doing sentencing, and the judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say, the defendant gave a long statement thanking just about everyone in the courtroom, the bailiff, the clerk, the court reporter, the judge, EVEN THE DA, but never said anything about me. For Chrissakes, the DA just got you convicted of a bunch of charges, and the judge just gave you 85 to life. You thank them but not me? This is the attitude that leads them to attack us and not the DA or judge, Georgia not withstanding.

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