Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Could I be wrong on Blake?

I know the jury's still out, but I did predict that Blake was going down, and over a week of deliberations is a long deliberation. Maybe this case was a little complex, maybe the celebrity aspect of the case still sticks, but ultimately, I find it hard to believe that this jury will give Blake much love.

Part of this stems from the fact that I know the juries in this courthouse very well, they are extremely conservative juries, for the most part. That being said, these jurors probably have no love for Bakely and the various sundry activities she was involved with. However, I also know the Judge and DA pretty in the case, that is something they are usually able to screen for pretty well. I also know that in jury selection, the judge bent over backwards to kick out any potential juror who may have shown the slightest bias against the prosecution, while I doubt (but don't know) that they did so for against the defense.

Maybe celebrity has it's value even in the San Fernando Valley, where most defendants don't blink until they see the whites of the juror's skin (that would be, by the way, nearly every juror there), or the blue of the elderly ladies' hair. To say that the Valley has juries that convict easily is undestating the situation. I figured that Blake's celebrity would not do much for him there. Maybe I'm wrong. On the other hand, maybe a mostly white jury will bend over backwards to acquit an aging white star in the valley when his woman gets out of line. Who knows?

Hope I'm not being too offensive on this one, but this is the simple, if not slightly offensive, calculus that we trial lawyers consider when thinking about how a case will proceed.

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SSM said...

Bad part is, I'm watching Nancy Grace go nutjob over the acquittal on Larry King Live. Now she's going after the jurors who are foolish enough to appear on the show. No presumption of innocence for her...