Friday, January 14, 2005

New template, lost comments

Well, I had a little disaster at the blogger corral, and lost my old template. I was able to resurrect all of my posts, and get a new template (one that allows me to post without having numerous, uncorrectable - by me - errors on the page) at the same time. However, I lost all of my previous comments from Haloscan. I sort of like this method of comments more, and I think the template looks better, but I really miss all of the old comments. Especially since I looked at some of the new ones and they were very angry at me. I have thick skin, so I can deal with it, but there were some great comments, especially on the question of whether downloading was theft or not.

I'll try to go and get them back, but if not, please feel free to re-comment on some of the posts, especially things like the downloading issues.

UPDATE: I was able to find my old comments on Haloscan, and I was even able to export them as an XML document. However, I don't know how to have those old comments imported into my blog as it presently exists. If there are any experts out there who can explain this to me easily, I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance. Email me the info, or post it as a comment.


moi said...

Well, atleast you're up and running! I do like this template better, it's a little.... dare I say it? Cooler? :p

PD Dude said...

Tejas - You're a PD? Where? Welcome to the site (I don't recognize the name as having posted before).

moi said...

I'v been posting on your blog for about two-three weeks now. I'm the one who posted about the Scott Peterson trial and what the jurors said about not liking the way he looked and taking that into account in their deliberations. Perhaps you don't remember.

moi said...

Sorry, left this out of the previous post:

I'm a PD in CT, just finishing my first year on the job and wouldn't do anything else.

PD Dude said...

Tejas - I remember well now. That was a good point you made then. Wise beyond your years :)

moi said...

Oh that's just a facade. Really, I know nothing :)

Btw, read Booker/Fanfan yet?

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