Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Public Defender Dude Again, and Forever!!!

I'm very glad I didn't get specific about who I was going to go into private practice with on this board, since I have to now announce that he just reneged on our agreement and backed out. I had already given my notice with the office that I was leaving, had begun writing up a partnership agreement, and doing all other things required of one going into business with someone else when he called me up and told me he'd had a change of heart.

I was originally going to do this in the middle of October, but for reasons of benefits I decided to stick around until January. Thank goodness I didn't do this in October as originally planned, or I'd be screwed right now. My office was more than happy to let me rescind my resignation, and so I'm back in my old, familiar, and very happy situation as a lifer.

I feel like a gang member - PD 4 Life, baby!!!

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