Wednesday, October 27, 2004

PD Dude No More?

Believe it or not, PD Dude may no longer be a PD before long. It's looking increasingly likely that PD Dude may be selling out to the highest bidder. At least the bid was high (it had to be in order to get me to reconsider what I had always considered the greatest job in the world). I'm still here, and will be for another 2 months, but it looks as if PD Dude will soon be Private Defender Dude pretty soon. I was considering keeping it a secret, and just keeping on as if I was still a PD, but hey, honesty is pretty important to me, so I'm coming clean. I guess that I'll always consider myself a PD at heart, but not in pocketbook or paycheck (or client base, I guess).

I think representing wealthier clients wil be a large change, for better and for worse. One of the things I've always loved about PD work is that I'm representing the underdog, I guess most of my clients won't be underdogs any more. On the other hand.... What other hand is there? Well, I'll probably still post as PD dude, if anything because I'll be doing the same type of work in the same locations, but it will just be for a different boss.


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