Thursday, August 12, 2004 - FDA fears drugs a terror target - Aug 12, 2004 - FDA fears drugs a terror target - Aug 12, 2004

I found this one on Washington Monthly, formerly CalPundit.

This may be the key to the whole presidential election, right here in this article.
I sincerely believe that we have been lied to by the Bush administration about terrorism for political purposes. We know for a fact that Bush used Iraq and false issues of the Department of Homeland Security in the Congressional midterm elections in 2002. By linking Senators like Vietnam war-hero Max Cleland to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein for his opposition to stripping government workers in the new DHS of unionization rights, Bush signaled that he was ready to play politics with national security. He claimed that Democrats who opposed his vision of the DHS weren't interested in defending America. Never mind, of course, that he had opposed the creation of the DHS despite strong Democratic support for it in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, only to jump on the bandwagon when he realized political hay could be made of it by inserting the political poison pill of slashing worker's rights in the legislation.

This, however, is the worst. There is no doubt that the Bush administration opposes allowing people bringing prescription drugs into the country from Canada and Mexico for one reason and one reason only: it will diminish the profits of the pharmecutical companies that give so generously to the Republicans. But now, the head of the FDA, the people who are supposed to protect us from bad drugs and food, are trying to claim that this opposition is due to national security. Imagine that, they will lie about anything to make a political point. When people claim that Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened (something I don't believe), they need merely point to the truly venal manner in which Bush has used the threat of terrorism to ram through his political agenda - things he would have supported in the absence of 9/11, but that now justifies with 9/11. Why, if Bush will claim that something as morally indefensible as banning people from buying the same drugs in Canada that they can buy here at half the cost is due to terrorism, what won't he lie about and claim that he is doing it to deter terrorism.

Is there a person alive who really believes that Al Qaeda is sitting around planning major attacks on the US with Lipitor to attack the high cholestoral of Americans who try to buy their drugs in Canada? Oh, I'm sure, they are just chomping at the bit, perhaps they're setting up their own terrorist front organizations as cross border pharmacies, just to ensure that only Americans die. This has been such a threat over the years, I mean, we've done so much to try and warn Canada about the imminent danger they face.

The public needs to understand, Bush will do ANYTHING to win, he will lie, he will cheat, and most importantly, he will claim that everything he does is to prevent terrorism, no matter how unrelated. This is because, ultimately, the only reason he is still in the race today is because 19 evil people flew planes into 3 buildings and into the ground and he managed to use the subsequent fear of a nation as a whip to keep us in line. You want to see the real George Bush in the face of threats? Watch the 7 minutes of reading "My Pet Goat" when informed that the 2nd plane had smashed into the WTC and America was under attack, 7 minutes without Karl Rove to tell him how to use that to his advantage. Watch fratboy Bush land on the aircraft carrier with the large sign "Mission Accomplished" behind him as the ultimate photo op, 700 dead bodies ago. Watch high school Bush invite the terrorists to "bring it on" 600 dead bodies ago.

Please, please, please, whatever you do, let's save this country and get him out of office.

UPDATE - Holden of Public Opinion Blog is with me on this one. Thanks Holden!

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