Friday, May 14, 2004

Cool Blogs

A rather pedestrian email from a frieng about a Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib led me to run across these three blogs. I think that they're just great legal theory blogs. They bring me back to my days in law school where we would argue legal theories for hours on end, over the most arcane of issues. I have to say, I do miss those days a little. I find in my job, these issues still resonate for me. They are thick with details, but worth a read.

Legal Theory Blog blog is done by my Civil Procedure professor from my first year in Law School. I still remember sitting in that class and thinking how much like the Paper Chase the class seemed. More than any professor, he inspired fear and awe due to his incredible intelligence, and his seemingly aloof professorial ways (he was actually a very cool guy, but in your first year, you are more scared than anything else. I don't get awed by authority anymore, be they professors or judges, but starting out, you can feel so small).

Enjoy the blogs, and be prepared to sit and read for hours if you're interested, or close them EXTREMELY quickly if not.

The Volokh Conspiracy
Legal Theory Blog
Balkinization Blog

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