Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Kissing Your Sister

Someone once said that ties are like kissing your sister, and today I just laid a huge smooch on my sister. 2 weeks of trial, 3 days of deliberation, and the jury hung, 7-5 for guilty. The bad news was that it was in the DA's favor, the good news is that it was so many for not guilty. I know that there are things that I can and will do differently next time, and things that I will do the same, but emphasize more. Unfortunately, as I said, I think that the advantage swings to the DA in a second trial.

As I mentioned, I thought the detective was a liar. The jury, even those who voted guilty, tended to agree. I think that the DA will have him cleaned up next time so that he will be more agreeable. This will mean that the next jury won't think he's such a liar, and such an advocate rather than an impartial observer. Who knows, ther are a lot of different ways that this can play out. All in all, I wanted a not guilty, but I'm relieved it wasn't guilty. What else can I say?

2 months from now and I get to do this again.


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