Friday, June 09, 2006

Hilarious Website - How not to steal a Sidekick

Seems as if this guy's girlfriend left her sidekick in a cab, and someone stole it. Unlike normal phones or PDAs, when you use a sidekick, the photos and information is uploaded to the server, which the subscriber can look at and even download to his computer. So, the guy downloaded them to his computer and now is publicly humiliating these people with their emails and instant messages to him, their photos they took on the sidekick, and their myspace pages that they reference. Now his site, in just a couple of days, is being looked at by hundreds of thousands of people, and the people who stole the thing are being mightly humliated.

I have to say, there is a strong place for shame over jail in our society as a means of dealing with petty crime. Vastly underused, far as I'm concerned. Of course, part of that may be that there is little shame left in society. But, having your whole story aired for the world to see can be more embarrassing than a simple rendition in court.


Anonymous said...

For reals .. these gurls need to be smacked around a bit by that big daddy

nothing but love for ignorance(not)

anouther sucker did it first..god i hate them..
wait till they post how much..

stupid criminals...
lets take pictures of ourselfs ...

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